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There are five key ways in which we achieve optimum search engine ranking for your organization's website.

§1. Risk analysis - Current website status analysis and traffic development planning 

§2. Business directory submission and website link building - quality content in well known business directories linking back to your web resource.

3. Satellite web resource construction - sub websites declaring intention or containing details of your services and products which all link to each other and your main web resource.

4. Desktop service and product themed applications - developed for the MS-Windows platform using .NET technologies and also constructed in Java and Android for web based, other PC platforms and mobile oriented exposure - all content carriers will link back to your satellite and main websites.

5. Social networking resource linking - expand the information access for your users and feed updated content to your social networking area.

This is by no means a definitive list of actions which we will execute on your behalf, as new methods are regularly under review as part of our constant improvement process.

Introductory service packages start at § $195.00 USD up to ►$850.00 USD for fully comprehensive SEO, web presence, app. development and marketing service.